Mississippi Valley Blues Society

Photo of a band playing in Davenport at the Blues Fest


LeClaire Park

Biederbecke Drive
Davenport, Iowa 52801

LeClaire Park

LeClaire Park is located on the banks of the Mississippi River on Beiderbecke Drive in Davenport, Iowa.  It includes over 8 acres of park space and features the W.D. Petersen Memorial Music Pavilion, an historical bandshell structure built in 1924.  The pavilion is a concrete structure built on a raised stone podium that features many distinctive ornamental details, Corinthian columns with twisted-rope shafts, minaret-shaped pinnacles, iron-grated windows and side niches. The pavilion faces an outdoor seating area set on a concrete slab, as well a large grassy area that provides an ideal setting for fest attendees to enjoy the music.  Even on the most scorching of July days, the park offers many shady spots where river breezes offer comfort.

people at the parkLeClaire Park has been the primary home of the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival since its inception in 1985, with the exception of a couple years in the 1990s when the fest was held in Moline, IL and the flood years of 1993, 2001, 2008, 2013 and 2014, when the park could not be used.  The Blues Fest was not held in 2015.

LeClaire Park hosts many community events throughout the summer.  In addition to the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, it is also home to the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival, River Roots Live, and the Quad City Symphony Orchestra's Riverfront Pops Concert, and WQPTs Brew-Ha-Ha.

Photo of three musicians playing at the Quad Cities Mississippi Valley Blues Festival